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-Enduring the legacy of Prasanth B John-

Rohan John

About Prasanth B John



He just vanished on a silent night, chasing a divine star, far away in the sky…

Born to V. J. John and Jolly John of Velikkakam family on February 08, 1973, Prasanth, a fine Musician, went on to become a blessed Music Director, Music Programmer and Choir Master of the CSI Holy Trinity Church, Mundakayam. Music was always in his blood. Hailing from a family of musicians, Prasanth took his early lessons from his parents. He mastered the nuances of music, after he joined the church choir in 1986 under his father, who was the choir master then. He went on to prove his mettle as an organist, choir master and choir leader during his short, but musically devout life. He pursued music very seriously from 1990 and started training on it. 
“Maalaakhamaar paadi Athyunnathangalil…..” was the first song he composed for the church. In 1997, Prasanth composed and sang “Itha Oru Aalayam”, during the Consecration of the renovated church. Another song followed the next year titled, “Enneshu maathram aashrayam Enikkella nerathum”. He had also arranged the parts of Hymn 47 “Yeshuraajan Janichu” in the Harp n Lyre hymn book. He had compiled his own hand-written Tenor, Bass notations of the Church Hymns, separately for the choir members too. Despite all these, he also composed many beautiful songs and penned their scores. After composing carols and devotional songs for the choir, he turned his attention to Music Direction. He underwent training with Dr. Aswan Thomas Elias, at the Harp ’N Lyre Academia Musica, Kottayam. In 1995, Prasanth started his organ classes. After his marriage in 1999, he took some time off from his church activities, only to return to full-time music towards the end of the year.
He had done orchestration for the Maramon choir and played a very active role in the constitution of a special choir for the Maramon church. He also had association with the Evangelical Church,  Manjadi, in Tiruvalla. Sruthy Music and Seraphim Studio of the CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese, also reaped benefits from him as a Sound Engineer for various projects as well. 
Being fully involved with the activities of the Mundakayam Church choir and Youth Movement, Prashanth always found time to train the Youth members for various competitions such as the Kalamelas. He was the leading light for Carol rounds during Christmas. He also once remarked that, “Even though music was already in his blood, it was his association with the Mundakayam CSI Church Choir that further polished his musical talents so much so that, it gave him the encouragement to choose Music as his Profession”. 
He was also instrumental in forming the ‘Mavelikkara District Youth Choir’, a friendship group of about 15 members, in 2002. His friends recount that this new initiative had helped create a new music culture in the region, by singing melodious Christian songs at various churches in and around Mavelikkara.
In 2005, Prasanth entered the Malayalam film Music Industry and scored many songs. His musical ambitions carried him beyond our country’s borders, where he was associated with the completion of various Arabic songs, composed by an Arab music director. His contributions were not only confined to Kerala, but also extended to the Kannada and Tamil film industry as well. 
In 2011, Prasanth returned to Mundakayam for Carol singing practices, and in 2016, became the Choir Master of the Holy Trinity Church Choir, Mundakayam. ‘Maalaakhamaar Paadi’, ‘Oru Nalla Gaanam’, ‘Thoo Manju Peyyum Raavil’, ‘Aayiram Aayiram Thaarakal’, ‘Minni Thilangunna Tharangalum’, ‘Vinnil Minnidum’ were some of the most beautiful and melodious songs he ever wrote and composed. As a person who stood sincerely with music and its nuances, Prasanth through his own life, showed that music was not only his profession, but Life itself. It was already written in his soul. He nurtured the musical talents he inherited from his parents. His mother Jolly John, wife Renjini Thomas and brother-in-law Rubert Victor were all associated with him, helping him in writing and composing songs. Giving value to familial bonds, Prashanth used to take the seniors and the youths at his side, considered them a family, and gave all of them an equal chance to sing in the choir. “Being a choir member is not just the ability to sing, but also the commitment to a particular cause.” was the message he always conveyed. He brought such people to the forefront and also attracted many others to the field of music. Blessed with a large number of well-wishers, he was equally loved by young and old. 
Prasanth was very confident in the abilities of his choir members and he set a high bar with the orchestration of difficult and complicated compositions. He took active leadership in conducting “Mahal Sneham”, a musical service during the past Passion Week observation. He ensured the participation of other church choirs in the programme too. He always found time to train others for musical competitions even when he was busy with his own personal work. He had a broad mind and he was ever willing to train members of other congregations who had no base in choral singing. He also extended his help to children from other schools for their musical programmes.
Prasanth had very clear independent views and precise opinions on various issues concerning the local people. This attitude always helped in the spiritual and moral growth of his Choir. His unique Iron will coupled with his leadership qualities, were an asset to the Holy Trinity Church Choir. Whoever associated with him only has good memories to reminisce. When he blended his magical music with the most poetic lyrics, songs turned melodious, which always transported listeners to another world.
When words are put together in a mellifluous way like beads in a chain, music goes beyond all borders. With his music, Prasanth stole many hearts and attracted many music lovers to him, with his beautiful rendering.
Even during his last days when he was struggling with his deteriorating health, he found time to train his choir members. Every person who got a chance to practise under him during his good old days, would definitely feel blessed and would never forget those golden days.
His mind was solely filled with music, even when he was unconscious and death was staring him in the eye; bringing an abrupt end to his decade-long journey. He bid farewell to this material world on 24th April 2020, having joined the heavenly choir; leaving behind many unfinished dream projects. And now, the legacy is being continued by his son, Rohan John.